Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend 40% off all Löfbergs products!!!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend is here!!!

This weekend only (November 29th to December 2nd) save 40% on all Löfbergs products! A great opportunity to try out the Löfbergs ICE line up of iced coffees or even their lineup of ground coffee.

Löfbergs ICE is a unique lineup of ready to go iced coffee in a recyclable paper based container. Currently we carry three different versions that will cater to every coffee lover out there. There is a Latte Macchiato version that is more for people that love their coffee milky and creamy. An Espresso and Milk version is more of a balanced iced coffee with milk flavour. Double Espresso is for those that love their iced coffee with little to no milk. Each flavour is sweetened and made with natural and organic ingredients. Löfbergs ICE is also shelf stable and does not need to be stored in a refrigerator however it is best served cold! 

Our Löfbergs ICE lineup won a bronze award at this past Sial Canada Innovation show!

Try out our Löfbergs ICE collection spiked with some Baileys this holiday season:)



If you want to try something warm and full of flavour then you have to give our lineup of Löfbergs ground coffee a try! With three different roast levels including a dark roast, medium roast and an organic medium roast. Super easy to make and enjoy and we guarantee it will be some of the best tasting drip coffee you have ever tasted!  

At 40% off of already competitive pricing, there is no reason to not give this amazing lineup of coffee a try!



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