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Zak's Crunchy Peas: the Very Addicting and Healthy Snack!


Zak's Organics all starts around the idea of healthy snacking. Food to snack on that not only taste great, but is actually a healthy option. Zak's Organics is a company started by the Zak family in Saskatchewan, Canada. They are 4th generation farmers that are passionate about organic farming and sustainability. The Zak family started this company around the idea of making clean and healthy snack options as an alternative to traditionally unhealthy options on the market. Their first lineup of products are these deliciously simple roasted peas!

Crunchy Peas are Healthy for YOU...

Zak's Crunchy Peas are naturally rich in protein, iron and fibre. They are then dressed with organic ingredients using aromatic, natural herbs and spices for each flavour available. All products from Zak's Organics are USDA and Canada Organic Certified, free of trans-fat, cholesterol, dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, and artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. These peas fit almost any dietary preference and are only made with the best organic ingredients! 

Flavours we carry...

We carry 3 flavours from Zak's: Smoky BBQ, Sea Salt & Lime, and Garden Herb. Each flavour is dressed with certified organic ingredients! 

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Why we LOVE Crunchy Peas...

These peas are addicting which isn't a bad thing at all because they are also healthy for you! We love the fact that Zak's works extremely hard to ensure all their products only use the best certified organic ingredients and keep things simply healthy. We look forward to the release of new products from Zak's but for now we will continue to enjoy these amazingly addictive crunchy peas until they do!



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