Löfbergs Fika (Organic and Fairtrade Coffee made with sustainable practices that tastes great!)

   Löfbergs is a family run company in its 4th generation of ownership based in Karlstad, Sweden and is renowned to be one of the best coffee roasters in the Nordic region. Löfbergs takes responsibility from bean to cup working to provide not only the best tasting and best quality coffee possible but to also provide sustainable practices throughout the entire production chain from the farm to your cup!

Löfbergs long term plan is working to create more sustainable farming methods working with only certified farms around the world. Starting in 2016, Löfbergs decided to work ONLY with certified farms around the world because 80% of the total environmental and climate impact in the coffee industry starts with the farms harvesting the beans! This ensures the coffee they are purchasing is harvested from farmers that have consideration of the environment. This also means certifications like Fairtrade Coffee help farmers make more income to help develop their living conditions, their local community, and to support the next generation of coffee farmers! The next generation is extremely important to the long term health of not only the environment but for the coffee industry in general which is why Löfbergs approach to business is always long term sustainability.  




Further along the production chain Löfbergs efforts to provide innovation and sustainability is prevalent in their line of ICE iced coffees! These coffees are made with Organic and Fairtrade coffee but are also uniquely packaged in a paper based packaging that is fully recyclable to reduce waste and protect the environment eliminating traditional plastic packaging! Not only is the product great tasting and made with sustainable coffee but the packaging is also made sustainably with the environment in mind!  



When you purchase any Löfbergs coffee products you aren't just buying a great tasting high quality product; you are supporting long term sustainability in the coffee industry for the farmers and farms producing coffee beans! You are supporting the environment and you are supporting a sustainable future for the coffee industry! As a fellow coffee lover I couldn't be more proud to support this company and their products! :)

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