Now You Can Load Up On Löfbergs ICE Iced Coffees With This Amazing Deal!

Löfbergs ICE iced coffee made with organic and fairtrade coffee with sustainable packaging!

   From March 4th to March 30th jump on this great deal to get your hands on what is being praised as some of the best iced coffee ever to grace peoples presence made with organic and fairtrade coffee. When you purchase any 1 pack of Löfbergs ICE iced coffee you can get another pack at 50% Off

This past week we were present at the Restaurants Canada Show 2019 helping out Löfbergs give out samples of their lineup of ICE iced coffees and the feedback couldn't have been any better! That is why we decided to launch this deal to give everyone an opportunity to try out this incredible coffee. We cannot wait to get feedback on what you all think about this lineup of unique iced coffees.


Löfbergs ICE iced coffees made with organic and fairtrade coffee and sustainable packaging!


A little bit about the 3 iced coffees: 

ICE Espresso & Milk is probably the most popular choice when it comes to choosing between the 3. That is because it is the most neutral when it comes to milk and espresso content. There is just the right amount of milk and sweetness to it without overpowering the espresso making it a very enjoyable iced coffee to enjoy on the go or in a glass of ice at home. 

ICE Latte Macchiato is a great choice for people who prefer a more milky, creamy and sweet tasting iced coffee. This iced coffee is also very good when adding something in there like Bailey's or Kahlua to give it a little more creaminess and flavour. Another perfect choice to enjoy on the go or chilled at home in a glass with ice!

ICE Double Espresso is a sleeper pick and it is definitely one of my favourites especially if don't prefer a lot of cream or milk in your iced coffee. This iced coffee is pretty much like the name says it is, double espresso with very little milk and sweetness. This specific iced coffee has the most caffeine in it so its definitely a great energy booster to get through the day however I personally prefer this coffee at home in a glass with ice and either some almond milk, cashew milk, or even some Bailey's depending on how I feel. 


Löfbergs ICE iced coffee in a glass with ice


All 3 are very versatile and all taste fantastic so I would recommend putting this great deal to use to try all 3 flavours out! With spring and summer just around the corner these specialty iced coffees are surely going to be a favourite to enjoy on a hot day.  

Check out the whole Löfbergs Collection HERE


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