Sial Innovation 2019 Bronze Award for Löfbergs ICE lineup!

On April 30th 2019 the beginning of the SIAL Canada Innovation show began. A three day show taking place within the Enercare Centre housing over 1000 exhibitors and 18,000 professional visitors. The SIAL innovation competition is an international competition that rewards the best innovations in food and non-food related products. The criteria that are judged: packaging, manufacturing processes, merchandising, and recipes

Löfbergs entered their lineup of ICE products while also unveiling a new ICE product at the show called ICE Oat-Based. This product is a vegan alternative to the traditional iced coffee lineup made with oat milk, no added sugar and with organic + fairtrade certified coffee. A truly innovative product with its unique recipe, manufacturing processes and packaging (paper based package).

Löfbergs sustainability goals are very apparent in their product lineups working only with certified organic and fairtrade farmers. They have also worked hard to improve the sustainability of their product packaging developing climate-smart packaging by replacing the use of plastics with a plant-based alternative package reducing climate impact by 30%.

With unique packaging and recipes, Löfbergs saw a 3rd place finish in the competition with their ICE lineup! Congratulations goes out to Löfbergs and Löfbergs Canada for a well done show and taking home a 3rd place finish! We cannot wait to add the Oat-Based iced coffee to our store as well!

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